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So today i shall be sharing a little bit more on goals; but just a quick recap on the important points from the previous post
i.The goals(how achievable are they)
ii. The how and getting rid of excuses
iii. Motivation
For more details kindly check my previous post GOALS!! GOALS!! GOALS!!

As we strive to achieve our goals we need to look at the self and give ourselves the opportunity to grow. Some more ways to ensure we are on the right track towards achieving our goals include:

1. Positive thoughts
Watch your thoughts, they become your words
Watch your words, they become your actions
Watch your actions, they become your habits
Watch your habits, they become your character
Watch your character, It becomes you

It is important to train our minds to always see the best in every situation; no matter how bad it gets. For me, i normally ask myself; what am i learning or what have i learnt from this? And by answering that question i am able to see something positive and this helps me grow and become better; savoring all that i can from every situation.At the end of the day its not what happens to you but how you react to the situation that matters most.

If your plans are coming along well, reward yourself. Its always good to celebrate your victories no matter how small they are-this motivates you to do even better. After working out you can you can visit the spa and get a nice massage or if your business is doing well you can buy yourself a gift or if you have been very busy you can take a day off and treat yourself.
On the other hand; if things are not going so well; realize that sometimes things will not work out as we would wish or want them to and this is OK. Being human we are susceptible to imperfection but there is hope as we have the power to choose and the ability to change


So if things aren’t going as you expected, just stop for a moment and analyze the situation. Make the necessary changes and adjustments. If plan A doesn’t work you still have 25 more letters of the alphabet.

Till next time(next post)


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