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Its been a minute but glad to be back. (Hoping to be posting more regularly).

So it’s still early in the year and question is…Where are you with your resolutions/goals?
Maybe you have not yet started..or you started and got bored…. or you are on track with your goals(Kudos to those in this category). But for the majority who are in the first two categories there is still hope and below are a few ways to be on your way to achieving those goals.

1. The goals-How achievable are they?
In as much as it is good to dream big, you have to be realistic about your goals. For example you cant just loose 100 pounds in 1 week; or read a thousand pages in just an hour. Take anotherĀ  look at your goals and see how achievable they are. If they are not realistic, adjust them accordingly. Leading me to my next point….So whats the way forward?

2. The How
Divide your goals into small achievable chunks-Baby steps. For example if you want to read a lot of books, you can start by making a goal of reading 12 books in an year; which equates to 1 book per month and based on the number of chapters the book has; you can divide that across the days of the month and know how much you should read each day. By doing so, you brain and body doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the workload that is ahead and you actually get motivated to read more as you begin to see how achievable your goals are. You could even end up reading 24 books in the year
Other examples: If you want to be more physically fit; book your first class to the gym or to the dance studio if you want to start dancing; buy a camera if you want to start doing photography. Get to the recording studio if you want to start doing music; enroll for that course that you have been wanting to do.
Just get rid of the excuses and start seeing and having reasons as to why you need to achieve that goal.

3. Motivation


“People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing; that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar

Couldn’t have said it any better. You can have started with a lot of energy but there is a point that reaches that you no longer feel so psyched to achieve your goals. You could also not trust yourself so much and need a kick to get you started. That’s why you need to find ways to keep motivated everyday. Some ways to do this.

HaveĀ  a role model/ role models- People that inspire you to be your best self. You don’t have to meet with them physically as thanks to technology- you can follow them on social media or blogs & websites. You can also read their books and memoirs and learn from them.

Along with the above point- Follow sites, pages, blogs or watch motivational videos. You can watch ted talks ; follow life hack website and many more and you will definitely find new perspective and inspiration towards achieving your goals.

Keeping the right friends- This is sometimes underrated but is so crucial. If you want to achieve something surround yourself who are in the path that you want to follow; they could be better than you or at the same level; but have motivation towards growth and betterment of the self. You will have a lot to learn from them and also get motivated when the road gets tough.

For now , i shall leave it at that and will be sharing more tips in some of the next post. GOALS!! GOALS!! GOALS!! PART 2

See you soon.


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