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Walls vs bridges

I came across this some weeks back and i couldn’t help but think how true it was.

We are living a beautiful life and things are going great. You are doing well in school; you got promoted at work; your business is coming a long well; you’re relationship with your partner is going well and all that is ahead is the hope for better things.

Then one day things start falling apart. Disagreements; heart breaks, betrayal; failed deals; you get laid off. Your world starts crumbling down. You start loosing “friends”.  Who do you turn to at this time?

Your confidence goes down and you start to shrink…You no longer walk with your head held high. You start missing out on events and avoiding people. You don’t want to bother people with your problems; but all they do is pile up in your heart and soon you start developing bitterness. You try to hide it with a plastic smile but no matter how hard you try that pain is evident in some way or another.

When people try to draw close to you you just push them away because your trust has been broken. You do this either consciously or unconsciously. This may be evidenced by how rudely you talk to people or how cold you are toward people and show suspicion every-time someone tries to come close to you.

But deep inside all you seem to be screaming is Can Anyone See what I am Going Through!! Can Anyone Come to my Rescue!!

Unfortunately; with your cold behavior you have just built walls; it is hard for people to reach you. The world around you seems to keep revolving- the world doesn’t stop when we go through something tragic. There is no one to mourn with you. Evey one else seems to be happy and doing well and you start to wonder why no one notices you or wants to be your friend.

Well, you pushed them away and it takes a special kind of person or people to realise the point where you are and who are actually willing to help you conquer your pain and frustration.

But if you don’t have this people and you have reached that point whereby you are tired of that kind of life: of sadness, pain, bitterness, resentment, guilt; a life of unhappiness- You have to Break those Walls and Start Building bridges. Work on that pain that you feel and allow it to transform you to a stronger and better person. Realise your mistakes; forgive yourself and forgive those who have wronged you. Just Let Go. Start to build Bridges. Make peace with yourself. Soon you will start attracting joy and happiness in your life. You will notice people starting to treat you differently-better.

From there you can be on your way to being your best self

And when you fall back or notice you are beginning to slide back into those bad habits. Pick yourself up and rise up again. You will be more resilient.



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