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Hey guys…

Now that you graduated or are about to graduate; whats the next step towards your career?

Well,some people are lucky enough to get jobs immediately after school but for the majority it takes some time before getting into employment or starting a business. So what are some of the things you can do during that transition period:

1. Bum!!
I know this sounds unconventional but i think it is an important thing to do. You only have once to be in this moment, this time, this second; so savor the best that you can at this time. Take this time to celebrate the achievement of completing school; rest a bit; and then plan the next part of your life

So whats the importance of this?
Celebrating your achievement no matter how small they may seem allows you to realize how much you can achieve and what you are capable of and inspires you to aspire for more

Rest- This allows you to get rid of the fatigue you may feel from a life of exams and projects and once you are clear of this you will be rejuvenated towards making the next step and being enthusiastic about it

Planning- After doing the above you now have the clarity of mind to decide what you really want; whether that be doing what you studied; taking a different path from your course and whether to be in employment or start your own business or both.

So after all; bumming is not such a bad idea even considering that after getting a job you might get too busy such that you don’t have much time with family, friends or pursue your other interests.

Note: Don’t do this for too long as you might miss out on some good chances and growth opportunities. You can do a week to a month of bumming then on to the next step.

2. Preparation
Now that you have an idea of the direction you want your life to take; prepare yourself for the job market

  • Polish up any skills that are required for your course
  • Prepare good CVs
  • Prepare for the interview questions that might be asked
  • Find appropriate outfits according to your career
  • Prepare a business plan if starting a business
  • Look for the resources that you need to start your business
  • Look for a good location to establish your business
  • Build up confidence- if you don’t have it-fake it till you become it
  • Work on your communication skills

3. Network
Many jobs opportunities are just a chat away. So be open about where you are and what you want to do. Talk to your relatives; friends; and people around your environment. Also move from outside your regular circle. Opportunity is usually outside your comfort zone.

4. Action
It’s no use if you do all the above and put no real action in place
So send those applications; attend the interviews and ace them!
Rent out that office space to start your business
Buy that camera and start practicing photography
Promote your brand.

Avoid negative comparison- When you compare yourself with your former college mates who are doing really good you might just end up depressed. So avoid this. If you have to; make sure it is to use it as a motivation to do better and achieve more. But at the end of the day we all have different journeys and what is most important is becoming the best version of ourselves.

Stay Motivated- Keep positive people around you, watch and listen to positive things that help you grow

Be willing to compromise a little- Your first job may not really be the best especially in terms of money but learn and gather as much experience and skills as you can and use this as a stepping stone to better opportunities.

Above all; DON’T GIVE UP!!!

UntilĀ  next time

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