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Not in many instances do you find pain bringing pleasure. We mostly associate pain with negative things and we avoid it as much as possible. It is not something pleasant and being human, we love to be comfortable and happy and avoid anything that causes us to feel otherwise.

But over some time i have come to learn that pain is not such a bad thing. Pain Can Be The Best Thing That Can happen to you.

Weird, Right!!

You see, you never get to know who you really are until you are tested; until you are put under that fire to remove those impurities that you have. To be pure, Precious, strong, invaluable. You know that fire is painful. But how will you know how powerful and strong you are, your real value if you don’t go through that process.

It takes courage to allow yourself to go through this. You have to let go of your fears; look that fear in the eyes, face your demons. Once you overcome this, you no longer have to be afraid, you cant go through anything worse. If it doesn’t kill you it only makes you stronger!!

Imagine looking into the face of the ugliest thing, the most disgusting thing, the most frightening thing, the worst thing that you could ever imagine. (Take a moment and do this; practically or close your eyes and visualize) Now that you have done this and have seen that it cant get worse that that, Is there anything else to fear any more?

Overcoming pain

You need to apply this in different areas of your life. Look at that part you hate most about yourself; look at that pain you have been avoiding for months or years; look into that fear that has been stopping you from being the best version of yourself and reaching the next phase of your life. Look at that rejection, that ugliness, that imperfection, that abuse that you went through, that failure; look at that thing that paralyses you!! Can it get worse than this?

Isn’t it liberating to know that you can do that. You are more powerful and courageous than you ever thought. Once you face that pain, the only thing that is left is to make peace with it and heal. Once you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. So let that pain heal you.

Let it show you your amaizingness, accepting your flaws and finding beauty in your imperfections. Let it allow you to love yourself more, let it give you peace, courage, hope, the desire to grow and become a better you. Let it heal you, let it bring the light in you.
Shine than the brightest star!!

Turn that Pain into Gain.


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