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Hi guys,

I was going through some of my old things and found this piece. Its almost an year old and i felt it was a good read/share…..



So you are not happy with your job, career, partner or friend. The things that they are doing seem all wrong. From the boss who seems to be on your case yet you feel you do so much compared to the returns you get. You feel you are the most qualified for those job promotions but never get them and work keeps you so busy that you don’t have time for anything else (meaningful) in your life

You feel like you chose the wrong career. The people around you seem to have it going good in their jobs and are happy. From that guy who took that challenging career and long course that seems to be taking centuries to complete; to that rebel who decided to do music, arts, comedy or modelling. They all seem to have it all figured out and doors of opportunities keep coming their way. While you took a course that you thought that was “IT” only to realize it wasn’t what you thought .

Then there is this relationship. Hmm… When you met you thought you had found the one. He/She was everything you thought you needed only over time to discover they are not all that. You have made huge compromises for this person and done things you never thought you could only to realize you have to let go of all you invested and move on. Start over again.

No longer close to family or friends because all these work and relationships have kept you “busy”. All for what?!! You are the one on the loosing end- Unhappy with your job, carrier choice, broken relationship and you are distant from the people who are important to you.

Its time to have a look in the mirror because all the unhappiness, disappointment and unsatisfaction was not entirely caused by the other party; you also had a part to play. You dint go the extra mile, you overreacted to situations, you swept things under the carpet instead of rooting out the problem. Realize that you are the common fact in all these situations and that must mean something.

You need to start making changes for a better for a better tomorrow. All that you have gone through is not in vain. There are valuable lessons learned on love, life and success and now you have a chance to do better. So embrace this opportunity and use those stones that were thrown at you as stepping stones to the next level in your life.


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