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Hey guys,

Last weekend. This is


Where the road led me…

The Cake Festival…2016


The Cake Festival is an event Organized by Edumed Trust that aims to raise funds to educate bright needy students. For more details you can Click here . And what better way to do something good while having fun.

I have wanted to go for this event for the last few years but something always came up and i ended up not attending.But finally this year i made it to the 2016 Cake Festival held at Kenya Wildlife Service along Lang’ata rd.

This being the first time, my main aim was getting to familiarize myself with the event, sampling the different cakes and looking for new flavors; so i hope you pardon me if  this is not as detailed as hoped.

I have never eaten so much cake in my life; its a surprise i did not get a sugar rush

My experience:
They say a picture is worth a thousand words; so I’ll let them do a lot of the “talking”……

Beautiful Cakes

beautiful cakes

New Interesting Flavors

new flavour cakes



Wedding Cakes

wedding cakes




Birthday Cakes

kids birthday cake

Some of the Competing Cakes

competing cakes

Others Creative and Beautiful Pieces

creative beautiful

creative beautiful

creative beautiful

creative beautiful


Apart from the cake sampling there were also some nice performances from Local upcoming artists and the MC’s did a good job.

So if u missed out, i hope this has given you a glimpse of the day and hoping you will be there next year.

Support needy but bright students in a fun way!!


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