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how to deal with failure, overcoming failure

how to deal with failure, overcoming failure

How to Deal With Failure

Failure is something that happens to us at certain points in our life. You may have failed to achieve a certain target, lost a big business deal or a job or even had a failed relationship. Despite the degree of the failure, It might be a painful or terrible experience; but a necessary one. Failures build us to become better; they make us stronger and prepare us for the things that wait for us in the future.

Small stones to moving mountains


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What should we do when we encounter failure?

First, it depends on the failure and the first question to ask ourselves is:

1. Is there anything i can do about it?

If there is a way to salvage the situation kindly do.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Sometimes shit happens! And the best thing is to learn from the situation.
Having a pity party will not make the situation better. You have to accept responsibility of your mistake, forgive yourself , learn from the situation and take the next step


2. Take responsibility
Don’t go around blaming other people. In as much as they may have have some role to play in how things turned up; you also contributed in some way.
So take responsibility and apologize if need be to those affected by the matter.


3. Take measures
Put measures in place to ensure this does not happen again and ways to handle the situation better if faced by a similar crises
Become proactive in your thinking and dealings so that you have ways to handle the different situations that you encounter

The Chinese symbol for “crisis” is made up  of two character; one representing danger and the other opportunity.
So use your failures as an opportunity to learn, grow and become better.


Always remember…
How you react to what happens


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