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how to drink more water, increase water intake, importance of drinking water, keep hydrated
how to drink more water, increase water intake, importance of drinking water, keep hydrated
how to drink more water, increase water intake, importance of drinking water, keep hydrated

We all know that water is good for us but when it comes to taking as much as we should, the struggle is real for most people. I too was at that place at some point in my life. Water can seem too “plain and boring” and sometimes we underrate its importance. That is why i found it important to discuss how to drink more water letting you in on ways that i used to increase my water intake.Drinking water

But first, a quick look on some crucial benefits

Benefits of Drinking Water:

It’s essential for the proper functioning of body organs
Helps get rid of toxins in the body
Important for better skin
Helps in weight loss
Prevent dehydration which causes headaches, dizziness and fatigue

And a bonus: Its more pocket friendly.

Well, water doesn’t have to be boring and here are a few tricks to get into the habit of drinking  more of it.


Infused Water

As earlier mentioned most people don’t like water because it is too plain. But it doesn’t have to be; try mixing it with some fruits or vegetables.

Try lemon water (recommended-very healthy), cucumber water, strawberry water, or mix up several fruits and mint leaves and enjoy amazingly tasteful and healthy water. Get creative….

infused water


Take water Immediately After Waking up and Before Sleeping at night.

You probably have heard of the benefits of drinking water immediately after waking up. It helps you wake up-helps activate the body organs after the night sleep; flushes the toxins in the body and helps in weight loss. If you may feel lazy going to the kitchen immediately you wake up you can place the it on your bed-stand

Another Bonus: Making this a routine gives you a head-start in the at least 2 litres recommended daily intake


Make it Cute

Having an ugly bottle can make it even more demotivating as you try to take more water. Its like carrying an ugly bag-its more of a burden and you wont feel the excitement of carrying it where you go.
Invest in a good looking bottle . Let it be like an accessory that you can carry it anywhere


bottle types


Buy a Calibrated Bottle

It will help you monitor your intake. And if you don’t have a calibrated one you can mark out your bottle on the different times to take water and can even note down some compliments to keep you motivated.

Calibrated Water Bottle


Have Reminders

Set several alarms to remind you when to sip your water at different times of the day. Also you can use apps to help you track your water intake


Try Different Water Temperatures

I came to realize that water tastes different at different temperatures. You therefore have options. Try it hot, warm or cold. You will  be surprised to start have a liking for one.

Eat Water

There are some fruits and vegetables which contain a high water content such as melon, cucumber, zucchini, celery and grapefruit. Eat them raw to reap maximum benefits of the water.


water foods


Your body is the only place you have to live in every day of your life so you might as well take care of it. If you treat it like crap it will do the same to you and if you treat it as a haven it will do the same to you.

Sending my love,

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