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how to develop success habits, become successful, success tips, success hacks, secrets, life hacks

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In last week’s post we looked at the  HABITS OF THE SUCCESSFUL  . So in today’s post i want us to go a little deeper. I want us to look at how one actually starts building success habits. The prerequisite of Success Habits.

Secret to develop success habits

how to develop success habits, become successful, success tips, success hacks, secrets, life hacks
how to develop success habits, become successful, success tips, success hacks, secrets, life hacks

There are certain things that need to be in place so that one can have the success habits. This entails conditioning your mind/ mindset for success.

So what are these things??…

Having a Learning Attitude & Growth Mentality

In order for you to move from where you are to where you want to be, you have to grow. You won’t achieve different results if you keep doing the same things. You have to do something different. You have to move out of your comfort zone. Moving from one level to another requires growth… So you have to develop that desire in you of wanting to grow…of wanting to be better…. And now you may be asking yourself… so how do i manifest growth??

By Having A learning Attitude… You guessed that right… You need to want to learn. You need to love to learn. Acquire new knowledge and skills. You have to be better than you were yesterday. Learn something new. Once you lock this in your mind you will be able to seek opportunities that teach on how you can reach your goals. And what happens when you learn something…it changes your thinking, it changes your perspective, it changes how you do things… and when this happens-you start to grow and you start noticing progress in your life.


Be Action Oriented

You can have all the knowledge and resources you need in this world but if you don’t use them, put them into action, then you will remain in the place that you have always been. If you have a million dollar idea but don’t take action towards making that idea into a reality..then you have nothing!! You have to take action. You have to do something

The difference between dreamers and achievers is that achievers take action while dreamers don’t.  And this is the difference as well between the successful and the unsuccessful. Successful people take action. They put in the work to actualize their dreams.

So my friend…Don’t  just sit on your dreams and ideas… Do something about Them!!


Be Solution Oriented not Problem Oriented

If you are always just thinking about the problem, then you are not helping. You are  actually making the problem worse. This is because just thinking about the problem will attract negativity and negativity brings in more negativity. You end up making something small turn into a humongous mountain.

What you should do instead is think about the Solution. You tell yourself: We have problem X, So what can i do to eliminate this problem.  What can i do to make this situation better. That way you will be attracting positivity in your life . Positivity attracts positivity and therefore you will start getting ideas on how to solve the problem. You will save lots of time, keep yourself from becoming stressed, frustrated and even depressed.

So the next time you are in a crises; don’t get into a pity party and start thinking about how huge the problem is; instead acknowledge that Yes there is a problem but this problem can be solved; and start thinking of ways to solve that problem.


Discipline/ Self Control and Commitment

This is very important. You have to be disciplined and have self control in order to achieve what you have set out for. If you want to have abs you need to be committed to working out and avoiding certain foods. You have to eat healthy.If you don’t stick to the plan then you won’t reach the desired objective.  You have to be really disciplined and committed- mentally, physically and emotionally so that you can have those abs.

Same goes when you want to be a world top have to train hard as if your life depends on it.

You also cannot be going out every night and expect to have energy, focus and clarity on building your business or have a successful career.

Forgo some pleasures for the moment and enjoy the benefits later on.You have to realize what is important and what is not. You have to set your priorities right. Do the important things and start with the top priorities. Don’t Major on the Minors and Minor on the Majors; instead Major on the Majors and Minor on the Minors

So what is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to run a successful business, become successful, become happier, lose weight and become fit. You have to be committed. YOU HAVE TO GET UP AND DO THE WORK EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT!!  Commitment is not about feelings, its about doing what you know should be done. Get out of bed, wear your workout clothes and go work out. You have to say no to unhealthy foods. You have to put in the work to grow your business.

Once you know the benefits of what you are working for, commitment, discipline /self control becomes easier. The price you are paying is worth it.



Life is not linear. It has got ups, downs, turns and twists. What worked last year  or last month may not work this year and this month. So you need to be constantly analyzing and making necessary adjustments.

“Be Stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods”

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The journey to success is not easy. You will face a lot of challenges and discouragements. And you cannot afford to give up..if you know its worth it, you need to keep pushing. You might need to make some adjustments along the way but you need to persist until you achieve your goals and dreams.  At the end you will be so glad that you stuck to it..that you didn’t give up.


Practice Gratitude

You need to be grateful, for the opportunities that you have, for the progress you make, for the life you have. Take time to reflect on  what you have in your life, it might seem small but trust me, it could be worse. Be grateful for the progress you make no matter how small it is. Say ” I may not be where i want to be but thank God i am not where i used to be”.

When you are grateful for the things you have, you attract even more good things in your life.


Be Authentic/ Be You.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is that so many people are trying to be other people. They fail to recognize their worth and how special they are ; that they have so much to offer. They limit themselves.

There Can Only be One Bill gates, One Steve Jobs, One Oprah, One Joyce Mayer, One Beyonce, One Adele, One Mark Zuckerberg,

If you try to copy this people all you become is a lesser version of this people and that is not good enough.

The only person you need to be competing with is Yourself- Your Best Self. The person you can be if you lived up-to all the potential you have in you. That ,my friend, is who you need to be competing with. Once you conquer that you BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF  and NOT a lesser version of Someone Else.

“The exact Combination of cells that make up the Human you call YOU  has never existed before and will never exist again; and trying to be different than you are is an INSULT to the MIRACLE you already ARE” -Anonymous

Look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates- both in the same Niche but each has something Special to Offer; Same Goes to Beyonce and Adele- both Music Superstars but each brings something special to the Music Industry.

YOU have something SPECIAL to offer to the world



You can have the life you Desire!!….. So , my friend,what are you committing to start doing to have that life??… Leave a comment… 🙂 🙂


Sending my Love,



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