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benefits of reading, why reading is good, become a reader, reading tips, motivation, inspiration, personal development, self improvement, growth

benefits of reading


benefits of reading, why reading is good, become a reader, reading tips, motivation, inspiration, personal development, self improvement, growth
benefits of reading, why reading is good, become a reader, reading tips, motivation, inspiration, personal development, self improvement, growth

Benefits of Reading

You may have heard that reading is good for you, even life changing like in an article i wrote SIMPLE HABITS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. But have you wondered what this “good” means. In today’s post,  i will break it down for you by giving you some of the benefits of reading.

Lets get straight into it!!


Exercises the Brain

Reading is to the Mind what Exercise is to the Body!

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body Click To Tweet

Even our brains need exercise and reading does this job. Our brain is like a muscle, and we know for muscles you either use it or lose it. By reading you are using different parts of the brain and offering needed stimulation. It has been noted that reading can reduce or even slow down forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Increases Knowledge

This is kind of obvious but necessary to mention. When you are reading you absorb new information, get a new understanding of something or even understand better something you already know. This information will become relevant in the present on at a particular point in your life.

The increased knowledge can help you to advance your career, get a promotion, start a new career, grow your business or even grow other parts of your personal life

And even more importantly for Content Creators or people who are constantly delivering information, you need to continually add to what you know and grow your craft. Truly, you cannot draw from an empty well

You cannot draw from an empty well! Click To Tweet


Increases your Vocabulary

As you read you come across new words which eventually become absorbed into your daily life. This can help enhance your communication skills which is one of those needed skills in professional life and when relating with others.


Enhances Your Analytical Skills

As you read, you are coming across a range of information which you need to bring together and make sense to you: Different plots, characters, dates and more information. You may have noticed that a good number of times you are able to pick up clues as you are reading and solve mysteries before the reveal is made in a certain part of the book. This skills can be incorporated into your daily life as well


Grows Your Creativity

Reading requires imagination. As you read you are able to create in your mind the context of what you are reading in the book such as how a certain character looks like, a house ad even emotions experienced by the characters.

In books, you also encounter things that are not familiar to you. Perhaps even things which are not of this world.  It takes you out of your comfort zone, what you already know, and puts you into this new environment that you never knew before. It changes the word impossible to possible.

This definitely grows your imagination and enhances your creativity in daily life.


Changes your Perspective

Reading broadens your mindset. It allows you to be in different characters shoes and understand where every person is coming from.

This makes you more understanding in your daily life because you can now accommodate another person’s views.

It also eliminates various biases,stereotypes and even false beliefs that we previously held onto.


Broadens Your World

As you read you are exposed to different cultures and Places. You get to know about various Places and People in the world that you have never visited or interacted with.

I encourage you to read from different authors of the world and experience the beauty in the diversity of our world.



Reading enables you to relax especially after a long busy day. I was very impressed when i experienced this for myself. When i started my reading habit i was working around 12 hours and i thought it would be a burden to my brain. But when i gave it a try, i felt relaxed and this encouraged me to continue growing my reading habit.

So you too can do it.


What benefits have you experienced from Reading? Leave a Comment and Let me know. 🙂


*PS: Now that you know why reading is good, check out the next Post on HOW TO DEVELOP A READING HABIT


Sending my Love,



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