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tips to help you sleep faster, how to sleep faster, dealing with insomnia, insomniacs tips and tricks, night routine, evening routine

tips to help you sleep faster, how to sleep faster, dealing with insomnia, insomniacs tips and tricks, night routine, evening routine

tips to help you sleep faster, how to sleep faster, dealing with insomnia, insomniacs tips and tricks, night routine, evening routine
tips to help you sleep faster, how to sleep faster, dealing with insomnia, insomniacs tips and tricks, night routine, evening routine

“You get into bed, five minutes pass…no sleep, then 30 mins, and hour, an hour and a half and you are still turning in bed or staring at the ceiling…desperately needing to sleep. This is extremely annoying especially when you count you still have to wake up early”

This could be you once in a while or almost every day #teaminsomniacs

As i wrote the last Article EVENING ROUTINE IDEAS AND BENEFITS this was at the back of my mind because i know first hand that an evening routine should help you relax so that its much easier to sleep.

Sleeping has been something that i have struggled with and over time i have gotten some tricks to help with the insomnia so nowadays i hardly have sleep trouble.

So in today’s Post i shall be sharing some of the tricks that have helped me and others that are highly recommended.

But first,  a quick look at what the main causes for this are:

Main Causes of Sleep Trouble


If you have something that you are worrying about it may be hard to sleep

So aim to resolve matters urgently and also learn to calm down and not let one area of your life ruin in every other part of your life

Being Scattered

If you dont have a consistent sleep routine you will confuse your brain and when the time comes to sleep, it will be hard. For example if day one you sleep at 12 midnight, day two you sleep at 3 am, day three you don’t sleep at all, day four you sleep at 11pm, …(you get the picture), When you actually want to sleep earlier it will be hard.

Have a consistent sleep routine. Don’t confuse your brain


Your Brain is very Active

When your mind is in active mode it will take a longer time to come down to the relaxed level where sleep occurs, therefore taking you longer to sleep

Avoid activities or things that will hyper-activate you.

Also avoid electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, tv’s


And now on to the Part that you are looking forward to the Most:


Tips to Help you Fall Asleep Faster

Have a Sleep Routine

Our bodies respond very well to routines because they are like second nature. Decide on a time that is best for you to sleep and then stick to it.

Also you can have some activities that you do that will help you wind down. By incorporating these activities Its like your telling your brain “once you see me doing this, start preparing to sleep”. With time your mind will naturally start to relax and you will start to sleep much faster.

You can pick up several of the activities listed below that best works for you and make then part of your routine . (Feel free to leave a comment with what activities you have chosen)


Keep Away From Artificial Lights

Artificial Light interferes with the production of the sleep hormones thus making it harder to sleep. An hour or more before you sleep:

  • Keep away from digital devices such as Phones, Tablets,  Computers, TV’s
  • Dim your house lights
  • Use an Eye Mask when you go to bed if needed

Take a Shower

Showers at night are like mini-massages, they help relax your body after a long day of work.



Part of meditation is bringing your brain to focus on something. So if you meditate you can focus your brain on slowing your breathing, thus making you are more calm and relaxed and you will be able to fall asleep much faster.


Do Yoga

Yoga helps to focus on your breath, relax the body and also reduces stress.

There are some recommended Yoga Poses that help you sleep such as:

  • Child’s pose (Balasana)
  • Legs up the Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)
  • Corpse Pose (Savasana)



By Journaling you can be able to release the emotions that you are feeling and thus able to clear your mind, reduce stress and this will make it easier to fall asleep.


Read a Book

Reading is calming. Instead of scrolling through your phone when it’s almost bed time, take a book and read.

But don’t read horror or action! (wink*)

*If you struggle in reading, check out this awesome article on HOW TO DEVELOP A READING HABIT


Listen to Calm Music

Music is powerful. It can change how we feel over a short period of time. Listen to Calming music or sounds. This will help you sleep faster


Drink Milk

Milk helps you relax and induces sleep.

You can take the milk alone or you can add some honey to the milk.


Wear Socks

This will help warm up your body. A warm body temperature enables you to fall asleep much easier.

Just make sure the socks are not too tight and You can remove them later when you feel too warm.


Use Lavender Oil

Lavender oil helps to relax the body. You can use lavender essential oil or add a few drops to your pillow or pillow case.


What tips will you be trying out? What other tips have worked for you? Leave a comment and let’s help each other 🙂


Sending my Love,



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