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tips on how to achieve your goals, resolutions and plans, accomplish new year resolutions, personal, business, career, success tips, 2018

Have you been making plans, goals and resolutions and ending up not achieving them?  Are you tired of making the same goals over and over again? Are you at a point where actually need to grow and get to the next level. Worry no more because In Today’s Post we shall be looking at How To Actually Achieve your Goals

tips on how to achieve your goals, resolutions and plans, accomplish new year resolutions, personal, business, career, success tips, 2018

Tips on How To Actually Achieve Your Goals

What Is Important to You and Your Life

What do you really want? What is important for you to achieve in life?

Forget about what everyone is doing and focus on what is actually important and meaningful to your life

It Could be Experiencing more Happiness, Peace, Fulfilment and excitement in life, financial growth, Health

Make Your goals aligned to this. This could be by engaging in activities that bring you what you want to get in life.

Eg: Engaging in Hobbies that you enjoy, Doing Meaningful Work, Improving relationships with Yourself and Others,  Eating Healthier and Exercising regularly, Self care, Earning Amount X by a certain time, Getting a new house


Why Do You Really Want This?

What is Your Why?

If You really want to achieve a goal then you need a powerful reason as to why it is important to You.

We are mainly driven by Pain and Pleasure. You do something because you want to avoid certain pain/consequences; or on the other hand because it will bring so much positivity/good things in your life.

Utilize this principle- Consider what will be the cost if you don’t achieve your goal in the next 1, 5 or even 10 years. Also consider what You will gain if you actually achieve your goals.

Then create a powerful strong emotion to these things so that you are compelled to do something or quite certain habits so you can achieve your goals. Visualization is a powerful tool to help you create that strong and powerful emotional connection.

Your Why acts as your fuel to drive you to achieve your goals.

The more powerful “Your Why” is and the stronger the emotion attached to it, the more likely you are to actually achieve your goal.


Create a Plan

Now that You Know What You Want and Have Powerful reasons, its time to create a Plan.

List the Activities that You actually Need to do to help You Achieve Your Goals

For Example, If Your Goal is:

Eating Healthy-

  • Write down the Healthy Foods You would Like to Eat,
  • Plan which day You will do Food Shopping,
  • Which day will You meal prep,
  • Pick out at least 3 simple recipes that you can use and preferably quick ones


To Earn More:

  • How to do this: Saving more or/ and Have Another Source of income
  • How much to save per month/week or day
  • The product/service that you can offer
  • When and what is needed to create the product
  • How to sell the Product/service
  • When to Start Selling the Product or Offering the Service


Incorporate the tasks into Your schedule, With time they will become part of your routine and you will be able to do them without thinking even twice.

To help You Plan Get this Free PDF Download: 


Having a Strong Why puts you ahead of the game when it comes motivation.

You can add other Things to  help you keep motivated and inspired, such as:

  • A Vision Board
  • Inspiring Pictures in places that You see everyday
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Reward Yourself when You make Certain Progress on Your Goals



Have someone that can hold you accountable

You can also have meeting with Yourself and see if you are actually doing what you need to do to achieve your goals


Take Action

The Only Way to get things done is to Actually Do them.

If you are not “feeling” like doing it, just start and with time you will gain momentum



Goals change, some strategies don’t work as we expected, so have a Weekly or Monthly Review, See what’s working and what’s not and adjust accordingly



What was Your Biggest Take Away?? Leave a Comment…


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2 Responses

  1. Shauna says:

    My struggle was accountability and finally found a buddy to assist me with that. I also jouined an accountability FB group to help me stay on track with my personal goals for 2018 😉 I can write a plan all day long just needed a little push for the accountability part ❤

    • Joan says:

      You are doing really great!! You found out what your weakness was and actually took action to overcome it. I love this!! Keep up 🙂

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